What Type of Listing can I Choose? |HayBay Listing

What Type of Listing can I Choose ?

There are 2 types of listings to choose from when you advertise your equestrian items for sale.  You can choose from :-

  •   Classified Advert (Buyer contacts you direct – No ‘Buy it Now’ button).
  •   Standard Auction Advert/Buy it Now (Which can include a ‘Buy it Now’ option as well as or instead of an Auction Listing).

This gives you complete flexibility to decide which type of listing is suitable for you and the item you are selling.

classifiedMost people would place a horse as a classified listing, however there is nothing to stop you from advertising your horse as an auction or ‘Buy it Now’ listing.  A horse for auction on HayBay is no different than a horse for auction at the many horse auctions around the country. It actually gives the buyer a chance to bid the seller, something that some people do not feel comfortable doing ‘face to face’, when in fact the seller may be willing to accept a lower price.

More interest may be generated in an item if the listing is an auction and started cheap.  You can set a reserve at no extra charge but ensure that you check your advert thoroughly before you list it.

Remember to check that your full contact details are within your listing if you are placing a classified advert.