Types of Listings on HayBay – All Equestrian Site

HayBay offers 2 types of Listings

  • Classified Listing – This is an advert placed for a chosen period of time and at a set price with a listing fee charged, depending on the category chosen. There is NO final listing fee for a Classified Listing. The Buyer has to contact you direct – there is no ‘buy it now’ option.
  • Standard Auction Listing/Buy it Now – This is an advert placed for a chosen period of time, with certain options available, giving you the flexibility to choose your advert style i.e reserve price, priority listing, extra visibility etc.  After the listing’s period of time has ended, the item is sold to the highest bidder, or not sold if you place a Reserve Price on the item and the bidding does not reach the Reserve Price.  A ‘Buy it Now’ option can be added to a Standard Auction Listing, stating the price that you as the ‘Seller’ will accept for the item ‘now’ which would end the auction. This gives the buyer the chance to purchase your item before the auction time has finished, at a price acceptable to you or you can just have your advert showing the ‘Buy it Now’ option only (no auction). There is a fee for a ‘buy it now’ option on your listing – see our Fees page.