Setting Up your Own Storefront on HayBay|Shopfront

Setting Up Your Own Storefront on HayBay

Go to your ‘My Account’ page, accessible as soon as you ‘Log In’ or click ‘My Account’ under the HayBay logo at the top of the page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the red bar you will see ‘Storefront’. Click on ‘Purchase Storefront Subscription’ below in blue.

Then choose, by clicking, your chosen ‘Storefront’ subscription price and period and click the ‘Next’ button, below.

Your subscription has now been placed into your shopping cart, so that you can now ‘check out’. You will need to ‘Top up’ your account if you do not have enough money in – see our PRICES page for ‘Store’ subscription rates. You can also renew any listings after they have expired.

You can then ‘Submit your Order’, View and/or Print your Invoice and then go back to ‘My Account’.

Now, if you find your ‘Storefront’ information again at the bottom of the page, you can now see a ‘View your Storefront’ and ‘Storefront Control Panel’ box. If you ‘click’ on ‘View your Storefront’, you will see a blank ‘Store’ has been set up, ready for you to personalize. Go back to ‘My Account’ page and ‘click’ on ‘Storefront Control Panel’. Now you are ready to ‘Customize’, so ‘click’ this in the left hand column.  You can now upload your chosen logo or picture.  Put in your actual image size in pixels, of the logo you are uploading, so that it is displayed correctly and not distorted.  Now add your ‘Store’ name and type in a welcome note about yourself and then ‘click’ ‘Save’.

You can now add your ‘categories and pages’ from the left hand column, filling in your chosen information. Don’t worry, if you are unsure of what to write, or how it may look, you can always amend it. You can also choose from the drop down as to which page you want as your ‘Stores’ front page, i.e Map, About or Contact details. Try each option for your personal choice.

storefrontYou can now add new ‘Content’ or ‘Category’ pages. The Category shown ‘Inventory’ (this name you can change) is a list of all of the listings placed, so you can add  sub-categories to this, i.e saddles, bridles etc.

You can add new pages to your ‘Store’ such as ‘Shipping Costs’ by filling in the ‘Add New Content’ page, and you can ‘drag and drop’ these boxes, in which ever order you want, or delete or amend.

You have the option to be able to send out a Newsletter to your subscribed customers, by clicking the ‘Newsletter’ option in the left hand panel and clicking the ‘yes’ button in the drop down at the top of the page, and then ‘Save’.

‘Preview’ your ‘Storefront’ and amend as required, and when you are happy, ‘click’ on the ‘Turn Store On’ button and your ‘Storefront’ will be live.

You can also see ‘Store’ Visitor Statistics, from the ‘Manage My Storefront’ button.

You are now ready to place your listings, by clicking the ‘Sell’ tab at the top of the page.