Seller Information

HayBay Seller Information.

  • As the holder of a ‘Seller’ account with HayBay, we expect that you will offer items for sale that are described accurately and that all information given is factual.
  • We also expect that when your item is sold, you will despatch the  item within a reasonable time, or as stated in your advert.
  • We will NOT tolerate any offensive, inappropriate, misleading, libellous or defamatory material listed on HayBay, nor will we tolerate adverts placed in the wrong, cheaper category.  We expect that you will act in a fair and proper manner at all times, as in the spirit of HayBay.
  • If you do not act in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, your ‘Seller’ account will be suspended, at our discretion.  We reserve the right to suspend any account at any time if we feel it necessary.
  • There are no exclusivity rights on the page that your items are listed. HayBay reserve the right to advertise 3rd party adverts on any page on our site, with no payment due to a seller. Sellers do not purchase an exclusive right to any page on our site.
  • Include your PayPal Account details where prompted so that Buyers can pay you quickly and easily.
  • The ‘Seller’ can find all information relating to their account in the “my account” section, accessible from the home page (top left hand side under HayBay logo) when you are logged in. This includes all account balance and cart information, listings and messages information as well as favourites, buyer and other details relevant to you, the ‘Seller’.
  • Please ensure that you understand our terms before you place an advert or purchase any item. HayBay cannot be held responsible for your mis-interpretation of our rules.

The above, is a summarised extract from HayBay User Agreement.