Seller Fees on HayBay || Auctions and Classifieds.

HayBay Seller fees are :-

  • Insertion fees – When you list an item to sell on HayBay, you incur a Seller Fee in the form of an Insertion Fee.  This is an up-front seller fee before you place your listing and the price can vary according to factors chosen by the Seller, depending on price of item, type of item/Category, type of advert.
  • Optional Extra Fees – extra seller fees that you can choose, to personalise and enhance your sale for further exposure for your listing.  This could include extra photos, video, better advert visibility, attention getters etc. Please see our Fees page for a full explanation.  The Insertion Fee and Optional Extra Fees are paid when you list an item on HayBay, even if the item doesn’t sell.
  • Final value fees – When you sell your item by Auction or Buy Now you will be charged a Final Value Seller Fee which is based on a percentage of the item’s final selling price.  The ‘Seller’ only pays this fee when the item is sold.   There are no final fees due when an item is sold from a classified adverts.

Please see our Fees Page for further information

Seller Fees