Safe Trading on HayBay

Safe Trading on HayBay


Buyers must exercise due diligence when making purchases. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is – Buyer Beware !

We monitor all adverts, and we closely follow various groups regarding equestrian thefts, doing our best to try and ensure that NO stolen goods make it onto our site.  However, HayBay cannot be held responsible for incorrect advert content so please see the following tips for safe trading on HayBay :-

  • We STRONGLY advise that you go and see any Horse, Dog or Cat before bidding or buying and    it is advisable that you get a horse vetted beforehand.
  • When ever possible, go and see the item for sale.
  • Go and collect the item in person whenever possible, especially if the item is high value. You can then pay cash on collection which would minimise any scams.
  • Read the advert fully and ensure that the seller’s payment options include your preferred method  of payment. Also make sure that you understand the seller’s refund, returns and postage terms as well as any other conditions in the advert.
  • Check that your preferred payment method offers you buyer’s protection.
  • This may sound obvious but DO NOT disclose any password or account information.


Sellers are solely responsible for the content of their adverts.

*  Ensure payment has been made before posting the item

* ALWAYS check your account where payment is to be received, to ensure that payment has

definitely been received. Beware of fake emails stating that payment has been made.

* Send items using a trackable delivery method whenever possible.

  • Ensure that full and correct details are included in your advert to avoid confusion or mis-interpretation
  • DO NOT pay monies into a buyer’s account to ‘confirm’ correct details and DO NOT accept overpayments from buyers who ask to be reimbursed.

All Sales and Purchases made via the HayBay platform are between the respective sellers and buyers and NOT HayBay.