Listing Extras

You can enhance your listing on HayBay with the following extras :-

  • Better Placement –  This option will display your listing in the top of the category results while users are browsing the site, giving you extra visibility.
  • Bold Listing – This option puts your listing in Bold text making your advert stand out, giving you extra visibility.
  • Featured Listing – This option puts your listing in the 2 Featured Listing carousels, both on the Front Page of HayBay, giving you maximum visibility.
  • ‘Buy Now’ – This option gives the Buyer the chance to purchase your item sooner than the end of the auction listing, at a price acceptable to you.
  • Extra Photos – This gives you chance to show off your item off fully; the more different pictures you can show the buyer, the better.
  • YouTube Video – Add up to 2 YouTube videos to your advert.
  • Pedigree Tree – Filling the pedigree tree in, when selling an animal, gives the Buyer more information and confidence.  If you do not know the correct information, put a zero in that section.
  •  Additional Regions – If you have different items at different locations, you can add this to your listings.
  • Attention Getters – These really make your advert stand out – choose from a range of colours and designs to attract attention to your listing.