Listing Items for Sale – CLASSIFIED Advert/Listing

Listing Items for Sale – CLASSIFIED Advert/Listings

Once you have registered with us, you can start to list your items for sale – this is  quick and easy.

Remember – a Classified Advert doesn’t have a ‘Buy it Now’ button – the customer has to contact you direct.

For ‘Buy it Now’ you must choose the Auction option, even for ‘Buy it Now’ only adverts.

‘Click’ on  the blue ‘Sell’ tab on the top bar and chose from the menu on the left, by clicking  ‘New Classified’.

Now chose the category most suited to the item you are selling, ‘click’ into the category and then ‘click’ on the relevant sub-category, i.e Horses for Sale (category) then dressage or show jumper (whatever your choice) as a sub-category.

Choose the duration of your advert, any period up to 30 days is the same price. Then put in a title, i.e ‘Dressage Horse for Sale’ and below this in the box provided, a full description of what you are selling.  Be factual and clear with your description otherwise you run the risk of the sale not being completed or having to refund the customer.  We will not tolerate any inappropriate, misleading or offensive listings or pictures, bad behaviour or language or libellous or defamatory material on our site and expect you to act in accordance with HayBay’s User Agreement and we reserve the right to suspend your account at any time we feel necessary.

Enter the price that you require and in the next box any postage/shipping that may be charged. Then tick the means of payment that you will accept (Remember to add your PayPal account for ease) and then enter the security code shown, in the box. Check that your contact and Location information is correct and if you wish to, add another region (for an extra charge), and your website if required.  Choose from any drop down questions that you feel are relevant and add a mapping address if required, so that customers may find you easier. Please also be aware that this may also alert burglars to the address of your item.

Pedigree Tree (optional) – If you are selling a Horse, Cat or Dog, this may be relevant so that you can display the animal’s breeding.

Click ‘Next Step’ to continue and you may now add up to TWO YouTube videos (for an extra charge) by entering the YouTube video’s URL (copy and paste from YouTube) then ‘click’ the ‘add this video’ button. Next, you can add up to 6 pictures/photos (first TWO are FREE) by clicking the ‘select file’ button. This now allows you to select your picture/photo from your device and then you should click the ‘upload’ button. Some devices i.e iPads and iPhones do not have Flash Player installed and may request that you ‘click’ the manual upload button which isn’t a problem.  Remember that when using pictures/photos from iPads or iPhones, you should take the photo with device on it’s side i.e longways (landscape), so that the picture is uploaded the right way up ! ‘Click’ the ‘Continue’ button.  The next display shows the cost of the listing and details any additional extras available to you to enhance your listing (some with extra charges shown). Tick any choices you want and enter your ‘Twitter’ Username if desired.  Then click the ‘Preview’ button and your ‘proof’ advert is ready for you to accept & submit or amend if required by closing the preview so that you may alter as desired.

Your Shopping Cart is now displayed, with a full description of your advert choices and charges.  After you have ‘checked out’, you can display/print your invoice for the transaction and then return back to your account.  Your Classified Listing should now be placed.

If your item does not sell, we offer a 10% discount to re-list. Please see our PRICES page for more information.