How do I Pay for my HayBay Seller Fees? | HayBay

How do I Pay for my HayBay Seller Fees ?


You can pay for your HayBay Seller Fees by topping up your account with us.  Log in to ‘My Account’ and down the left hand column you  will see  ‘Add to Account Balance’  as shown in the diagram to the left. Click here and follow the on-screen instructions to top up your account, quickly and easily. Add the amount in the box that you want to top up your account by, i.e £10 and then press the blue update button.  If you make a mistake, press the ‘delete’ button and then re-enter the correct amount and repeat the process.  Next, click on the blue ‘checkout’ button, which will take you to make your payment. You can then make this payment using your PayPal account which also allows you to choose the debit or credit card payment option, for ease and flexibility. Just follow the on-screen instructions to take you through the payment process and then you should see your increased account balance, as per the diagram shown left, under the red ‘Account Finance’ section as shown.  You are then in credit to clear any fees or to make any purchases.