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  • How to calculate postage costs?

    How to calculate postage costs? We have provided links below as an easy reference to sites that can provide you with how to calculate postage costs.  Ensure that you have calculated the dimensions accurately, weighed the goods correctly including the packaging/wrapping that you will be sending the parcel in and that you have full details of the […]

  • Place Listings on HayBay – How much does it cost ?

    How Much does it Cost to Place Listings on HayBay ? Cost specifics are explained here. Costs can also be found within your Account Information Page by logging in to your personal “My Account” pages. Click here to find the cost to place listings. There are different prices depending on the type of listing you choose […]

  • What should I do if I have any problems on HayBay?

    What should I do if I have any problems on HayBay ? If you have a problem with a purchase or sale, please contact the Seller or Buyer to sort out, first.  Sometimes there can be mis-communications and mis-understandings that have valid explanations, so this route must be followed first.  If you cannot sort out […]

  • What are the benefits of a Storefront ?

    What are the benefits of a Storefront on HayBay ? By having a Storefront, all of your listings are shown in both the ‘Stores’ and ‘Listings’ sections, by either Classified and/or Auction listings.  Think of it as your own mini website, with the free option of various pages, to tell your customers all about you. […]

  • How do I Pay for my HayBay Seller Fees? | HayBay

    How do I Pay for my HayBay Seller Fees ? You can pay for your HayBay Seller Fees by topping up your account with us.  Log in to ‘My Account’ and down the left hand column you  will see  ‘Add to Account Balance’  as shown in the diagram to the left. Click here and follow […]

  • What Type of Listing can I Choose? |HayBay Listing

    What Type of Listing can I Choose ? There are 2 types of listings to choose from when you advertise your equestrian items for sale.  You can choose from :-   Classified Advert (Buyer contacts you direct – No ‘Buy it Now’ button).   Standard Auction Advert/Buy it Now (Which can include a ‘Buy it […]

  • What is HayBay Equestrian Auctions /Classifieds ?

    What is HayBay ? HayBay is an online equestrian auctions and classifieds site where you can bid, buy and sell. HayBay is a platform to allow the UK horse community to buy and sell anything and everything equestrian related such as :- Horses and Ponies New and Used Tack and Clothing New and Used Vehicles […]

  • Who can place Auctions and Classifieds on HayBay ?

    Who can place Auctions and Classifieds on HayBay ? It doesn’t matter if you are a private individual or in business, you can sell your items and list your stock on HayBay, by placing listings or open a Store.  However, you must be 18 or over to buy or sell on HayBay. See also Advertising […]

  • Is Secure ?

    Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology.  Please see our Privacy Policy. Please also see our tips on Safe Trading on HayBay.